King of the Royal Ascin territory of Ghana welcomes Royal Chief Nana Kobina Manso (Arnold Foote)


Arnold Foote being welcomed by King of the Royal Ascin territory of Ghana. At left is the Hon. Amarkai Amarteifio.


Nii La, King of La Accra, Ghana is welcomed by The Honourable Arnold Foote’s granddaughter, Alexisse, at the 50th Anniversary celebration of his company, Advertising & Marketing Jamaica Ltd. The King left Ghana specially to attend the 50th Anniversary of Advertising & Marketing to honour his friend Arnold Foote on this special occasion. The King and the Queen of La Accra, Ghana, along with the former Governor of Accra, Hon. Amarkai Amarteifio, friend and colleague of Arnold Foote, stayed as guests of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Foote at their home in Jamaica.

 From the King of La, Accra Ghana, Nii Kpobi Tetteh Tsuru II

My Dear Brother Nana Kwabena,

I wish you greetings from the GA people of La, and to wish you good health and prosperity.

I thank you for the kind courtesy shown to my family and I when we visited Jamaica, and the warmth in which
you embraced us. I am forever grateful for the new relationship we have built between our two families and countries.

The pictures we took in Jamaica, are currently being shown on big screens in the town centre that lead to the town of La.

We are forever grateful and once again we thank you.

Kind regards,

Nii Kpobi Tetteh Tsuru II,
King of La, Accra Ghana