The Honourable Arnold Foote, OJ, CD, JP

 Arnold & Patricia Foote

Arnold & Patricia Foote

Arnold Foote was born on the island of Jamaica in 1934, when it was still under British rule. His father was Arnold Foote, Attorney at Law, Registrar of Titles, Referee of Titles and acted as Crown Soliciter of Jamaica. His mother was Marie Foote, Nee Cox. He was born to parents who instilled in him the desire for community building and the equality and advancement of all human beings. Arnold was very close to his dear sister Norma.

From his childhood days, Arnold has consistently contributed to his country. He played football and cricket for both Jamaica College and Jamaica.
That commitment to country and humanity has never wavered throughout his life.

In 1964, two years after Jamaica’s independence Arnold Foote, established Advertising & Marketing (Ja.) Ltd., a full service communications company. By 1969 his competitors, recognizing his ability to build bridges and chart new courses, elected him President of the Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica. From here, his reach and influence in advertising extended across the Caribbean and the world.

At home his reputation as a philanthropist and humanitarian grew and he was co-opted by both Government and Private sector to help in the development of his young country. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communications at the University of the West Indies, Founder of the Advertising Standards Authority, Production Action Group, Marketing Jamaica. He was head of Jamaica’s first trade mission to Europe, Founder and first Chairman of the Agri Business Council, Chairman of the Jamaica Daily News and Chairman of the Senior Citizens Clubs of Jamaica to name a few.

After four decades of contribution to his country, Arnold was tapped by the Republic of Turkey in 1995 to be their Honorary Consul in Jamaica. After making Turkey a household name, he was elected by his fellow Consuls to lead the Consular Corps in Jamaica. In a few months, the Jamaican Consular Corps had a new mission and participated in a meaningful way to the country’s development and humanitarian projects. In 2006, delegates from around the world elected Arnold Foote to lead the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC).

As President of FICAC, he set about to bring Consuls from all regions of the world under one banner in an effort to expand their influence in the diplomatic community and to make them more socially aware and responsible. In three short years, the membership increased from 20 countries to 83 with organizations in every region of the world. Under his leadership, FICAC has partnered with UNICEF to raise funds for under privileged children with HIV/AIDS, set up an education programme for members in international relations, set up an environment and climate change committee to promote international awareness and to influence best practices to protect the environment. In 2010, FICAC signed a Partnership Agreement with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

For his work Arnold Foote has received scores of awards. In 1997 he was awarded a national honour by his Government, Commander of the Order of Distinction for his work in advertising and the promotion of trade. His other awards include: Appreciation from Turkey for his contribution to its hurricane relief efforts; Grand Official Order of Merit-Brazil; The Diplomatic Society Order of the Knights of St. Gabriel – Knight Officer – 2008; Honorary Citizen of Accra, Ghana – 2008; FICAC Gold Star – Highest honour of the World Federation of Consuls – World Congress of Consuls 2009; Honoured the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York for his contribution to world peace and understanding-2008; Honoured by the Consular Corps of Jamaica for outstanding service at Diplomatic Week Reception – 2010. Also in 2010 the Governor General of Jamaica conferred the honour of the Order of Jamaica (OJ) in recognition of service to Jamaica and internationally in the fields of advertising, sports and diplomacy.

Arnold is Married to Patricia Mills and has three children;  Roma,  Arnold Foote III, and Kimberly, five grandchildren Arnella, Alexisse, Danielle, Brittany, Katelyn, Arnold IV and two great grandchildren Xander and Zuri.