FICAC President named Dean Emeritus of
the Consular Corps of Jamaica


The Honourable Arnold Foote, OJ, CD, JP, is presented with a Citation, as he is conferred with the title of Dean Emeritus of the Consular Corps of Jamaica (CCOJ) by the Dean, Mr Grantley Stephenson (right). Participating in the presentation is the Honourable Arnoldo Brown, Minister of State in Jamaica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Citation to the Hon. Arnold Foote, OJ, CD, JP


The Honourable Arnold Foote, OJ, CD, JP was Dean of the Consular Corps of Jamaica (CCOJ) for over seven years, although not consecutive years. He proved to be a dedicated and influential leader, enlightening the lives of all with whom he came in contact.

Arnold has been a trailblazer in our organization and constantly propelled us to new heights from his first year as Dean in 2001. His skills and knowledge contributed significantly to the growth and prominence of the CCOJ, which cannot be overlooked nor denied.

Phenomenal is a word that may describe his service to the CCOJ. He is one of Jamaica’s most respected Consuls, always giving of his time and expertise. The wealth of wisdom and fervor he has to give will never be confined.

Thanks to the vision and zeal of Honourable Arnold Foote, CCOJ is able to claim several great accomplishments, three (3) of which are the renowned International Forum of the Americas which took place in 2002, the International Trade Expo which began in 2003, which has since grown in size and reach, and the General Meeting of the World Federation of Consuls held in Jamaica in 2006.

His dynamism was not limited to Jamaica and in 2006 he was elected President of the World Federation of Consuls and re-elected in 2009.

For this and more, we are grateful that his path led him to us and are not shy to express the profound love and affinity we have for him.

In the culmination of the many years of hard work we can only hope that we can emulate Arnold and that he will be proud of us as we strive devotedly to go forward with all that we have learnt from him. We are proud to reward Arnold with this honorary title of Dean Emeritus and are excited to see him move to higher heights and greater service to humanity.


We salute you.

May God bless you and your beloved family.

January 31, 2012