Consular Corps of Jamaica
tribute to

Arnold Foote, C.D., J.P.
Dean of The Consular Corps of Jamaica



He can be described as having the Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to gold. With his election as Dean of the Consular Corps in 2001, he made it clear that it would not be business as usual, because if it were, then there would be no magic.

The monthly meetings were instituted, with several projects being undertaken, and the effervescent, energetic personality of the dean pervaded the corps. The corps took on the purpose and meaning, driven to achieve.

When the decision was taken to seek membership in the international federation of consular corps and consular associations (FICAC), he was nominated to attend the meeting in Cancun, Mexico, to ensure our admittance. He not only secured that , but also came back with the announcements that the consular corps of Jamaica was to host the international forum of the Americas.

It was an incredible feat, since we had only just gained membership. We were speechless, as we never anticipated this, since we were planning to stage an international exposition about the same month. But the members felt it was such an honour that the exposition was postponed.

It was in the planning of the forum that the dean’s skills and talents, not only as a negotiator, but a true leader came to the fore. He transferred his energy and belief in the importance of this event not only to the corps, but also to Jamaica and truly motivated the members of the corps and his staff. He engaged the full co-operation of the government of Jamaica and the private sector to ensure that the forum was a success.

Tonight the forum ends, and we can truly say that it was a success. It is the culmination of many months of hard work, but was inspired by our dean, who became our mentor, our teacher and sometimes a father figure. Without his drive and guidance the forum would not have been the success it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the success of the international forum of the Americas 2002 that we invite Mr. Arnold Foote, Dean of the Consular corps of Jamaica, to come forward and accept the Consular Corps award of excellence.

Dated 06 June 2002