Dr. Michael Nobel of the World famous Nobel family, guest of FICAC President in Jamaica


Dr Michael Nobel visited Jamaica recently, as a guest of FICAC President, Honourable Arnold Foote. During his visit Dr Nobel addressed an audience of diplomats, consular representatives and senior officials of the Jamaican government, including Senator A.J. Nicholson, Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, at a reception held in Dr Nobel’s honour. Here, Mrs Patricia Foote presents a FICAC award to Dr Nobel; also in the picture is the Honourable Arnold Foote.

IT WAS a private function in a public space as described by Sir Kenneth Hall as he and his wife, Lady Rhema Hall, and Patricia and Arnold Foote, welcomed their friend and the newest ‘resident’ of Jamaica. The Jamaica Pegasus hotel was the location for the reception on September 30, to welcome and announce the residency in Jamaica of Swedish professor, Michael Nobel.

In his opening remarks, Sir Kenneth Hall welcomed all who turned out, noting, “I have gathered all present for a specific reason. You are the nation builders who play a vital and multiple roles in society, and I am delighted you are present.”

Speaking of the guest of honour, Foote highlighted Nobel’s many accomplishments.


Jamaica’s Minister of Finance Peter Phillips greets Mrs. Patricia Foote.

“Michael Nobel sits on several international prize committees and has received many international citations and awards for his work in the fields of medicine and conflict resolution. These include an honorary doctorate from Soka University in Japan, and five honorary professorships from various universities. A couple years ago, he (Nobel) was telling me of two countries who offered him citizenship or residency. I said, if you are going to be a resident of any other country other than Sweden, it should be Jamaica, the most beautiful country on earth. After several discussions with him on the matter, I am very pleased to announce that Professor Dr Michael Nobel of the famous Nobel family, is now a resident of Jamaica,” added Foote.

With that said, the honoured guest took to the floor. After thanking the Halls and Footes, he shared how he felt.

“I am very pleased, honoured and overwhelmed by the hospitality received, especially for a man at this age,” Nobel shared. “And I am just as pleased to make acquaintances with all of you.”

On October 2, Nobel gave a distinguished lecture and received an honorary doctorate at The University of Technology.