The Honourable Arnold Foote (left), President of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC), Hon. Aykut Eken (right), FICAC’s Secretary General, and Hon. Costas Lefkaritis, Chairman of FICAC International Relations Committee and a Director of FICAC, met recently with US Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, in Washington DC. Dr Foxx is seen here receiving the FICAC award of appreciation from Hon. Foote, which he presented to her at the end of the successful meeting.



US Congressman Alcee Hastings (second left) was recently presented with the FICAC award of appreciation by FICAC president, the Honourable Arnold Foote, and FICAC directors Hon. Aykut Eken (right) and Hon. Costas Lefkaritis. The FICAC delegation met with Congressman Hastings in Washington DC to brief him on the work of the Federation.