Whereas, Brooklyn is home to the largest Turkish population in New York City, also known as the “Turkiye Capital of the USA”, and our Turkish residents add so much to the rich tapestry of cultural ethnic diversity for which Brooklyn is known, it is only fitting that we join friends, visitors and neighbours of Turkish origin or decent and pay tribute to their extraordinary culture and milestone events; and

Whereas, Brooklyn is honoured to participate in the 9th world congress of consuls, organized by conference chair Aykut Eken and hosted by the FICAC. Global network of consular associations created to support and improve the status, legitimacy and effectiveness of all consular officers in all receiving states, exchange views, act together and strengthen mutual understanding in the magnificent city of Izmir one of the oldest cities in the world, Turkey’s third largest city and one of the main commercial centres in the Mediterranean with the theme this year of collaboration of economic and social prosperity” and pay tribute to Arnold Foote, C.D., J.P., president of the world federation of consuls and honorary consul General of the republic of Turkey; and

Whereas, on behalf of all Brooklynites, I salute the Honourable Arnold Foote, C.D., J.P., whose phenomenal career in politics spans decades and continents, working tirelessly throughout his career to open the channels of communication and bring unity to the many diverse cultures that he has encountered, I commend him for his unwavering dedication to service; founder and president of the CARICOM Consular Association, Dean Emeritus Consular Corps of Jamaica, President Emeritus Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica, the honorary Consul General of the republic of Turkey, and the president of the world federation of consuls whose mission is to strengthen mutual understanding between honorary consuls and career consuls worldwide I congratulate him on being duly recognized today for his amazing contributions to the world peace and understanding, supported by his wife Patricia, their children Arnold III, Roma, and Kimberly, friends and admirers, and I am confident that for the honourable Arnold Foote, the best is yet to come;

Now, I therefore, I, Marty Markowitz, President of the Borough of
Brooklyn, do hereby confer this citation on

Honourable Arnold Foote, C.D., J.P.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the
seal of the borough of Brooklyn to be affixed this 16th day of
November 2009.