Presented to

Former Jamaica National Football Representative


Seventy-two years ago, Jamaica footballers emergence into the fascinating international arena of soccer was seen as a mere participatory gesture of an ambitious, small- island team.

You, our football patriarchs, have forged your way with natural skill, resilience and fortitude through the adverse conditions of the earlier days, to become the mighty foundation on which greater respect was commanded within Central America and the Caribbean Region.

Jamaica’s independence in 1962 seemingly inspired exceptional skills, discipline and direction in our football arena. Over the years that followed, you distinguished yourselves within our region as an emerging force, with which Jamaicans were well pleased.

In 1966, you displayed glorious football qualities, which advanced you to the second round qualifying stage of the world cup.

For the most part of 1997, the world has been standing in awe- struck anticipation, as your successors play their way to the world’s greatest sporting spectacle – world cup ’98, in France.

Gentlemen, all Jamaica salutes you!!



Cpt. Horace Burrell                                                                                               November16,1997