To Arnold Foote, Chairman of Martin’s Jamaica in appreciation of services rendered to the Jamaica union travelers association (JUTA), Kingston Chapter

It is with a deep sense of appreciation that we, the members of the Kingston chapter of the Jamaica union of travellers association (JUTA), use this instrument to pay tribute to you as a true friend of our arm of the tourist industry.

Although we speak, in the first instance for our own chapter we have no doubt that the other chapters of JUTA share our sentiment and will in due course emulate the action we have taken.

Through our instrumentality, these two years past JUTA and Martins Jamaica have forged a link in ground transportation that exemplifies that spirit of corporation, which should light the path for others to tread.

Your continued, unstinting interest in fostering relations between our two organisations; your willingness at all times to walk that extra mile with us; the easy Rapport which you have established enables us to travel with the confidence through all the thickets indigenous to our industry.

Your accomplishment has not been one of only of motivation.
It has not been merely intangible. It has been manifested in concrete and practical results, and fleet of buses bearing our logo is testimony enough.

You, Arnold Foote have been made an honorary executive member of JUTA. It is an honour you have worn with distinction and with excellence while serving JUTA from your home, from your office, from the various places that we have met in this island, and from several destinations abroad to which Martins- JUTA business took you.

Indeed, Sir, in the best sense of the term you have been JUTA’s Godfather and we salute you for it, knowing that your dedication, dynamism and commitment to our cause will continue undiluted.


We of JUTA respect you,
We love you, and we wish
You well.
May God continue to bless you, and yours.