President Arnold Foote receives ACHM Plaque d’Honneur

At the 10th WCC, the Honourable Arnold Foote was presented with the ACHM’s Plaque d’Honneur for his outstanding work in FICAC. The following is Hon. Moustapha El-Solh’s tribute to the FICAC president:

It is this time of the evening where I will ask you for five minutes of your attention and I promise that
they will be extremely short. Your Excellency, dear colleagues and friends, ladies and gentlemen,
tonight, on behalf of all my colleagues of the ACHM, as well as FICAC Members from abroad, I would like to pay a special tribute to a an exceptional man who has devoted an average of 15 hours a day for the last six years, towards the development and promotion of the Consular Function. A dynamic man, known for his competency, his objectivity and integrity; a man with many professional and human qualities, devoted to the service of the World Federation of Consuls.

Such a man could not have achieved such tremendous accomplishment without the support of his spouse; and, as we all know, “behind every successful man there is a wonderful woman”.

I ask the Honourable Arnold Foote and his lovely wife, Mrs. Patricia Foote, to join me to the stage.

The Honourable Arnold Foote, in recognition for your exceptional devotion to the Consular Function, to building bridges among different consular corps and to the strengthening the effectiveness of honorary consuls, I have the great privilege to offer you the ACHM “Plaque d’Honneur”.